Easy Split

Use Easy Split feature to seamlessly split payments to all associated vendors (payable entities), manage settlements and reconcile with ease. With this feature, you can disburse payments to multiple vendors involved in a transaction in one go.

Contact your account manager to enable the Easy Split feature. You must integrate with our Payment Gateway using the Checkout Form or Seamless Pro integration method to use this feature. You can also use our API to integrate.

Easy Split Flow

Use Cases

Investment Platform - An online investment platform sells multiple mutual funds by not just one fund house but different fund houses. In such cases, when customers purchase mutual funds from more than one fund house, you would need to collect payment from your customers and disburse it to respective fund houses. With Easy Split feature, you can easily disburse payments in one go.

For example, ABC Corporation is an investment platform and sells mutual funds from X and Y fund house. A customer buys a mutual fund costing Rs. 20,000 from X, and another from Y costing Rs 5000. ABC Corporation collects the total payment of Rs. 25,000 from the customer, and then transfers the respective funds to A and B fund house. Also, ABC Corporation can collect some charge from these sellers for using investment platform based on their business policy.

Ecommerce Site - An eCommerce site sells products from multiple vendors. Customers place orders which involve products from more than one vendor. In such cases, you would need to collect payment from your customers and can disburse it to respective vendors. With Easy Split feature, you can easily disburse payments in one go.

For example, Customer A places an order on an eCommerce site for items A, B, and C. All the items are sold by three different vendors, the customer has the flexibility to make the payment for all items together, and later you can disburse payments to A, B, and C vendors in one go using the Easy Split feature.

Education Sector - For educations sectors where fees are split as various fee headers like admission fee, hostel fee and other types, the funds need to be added the to respective fee headers. It must be settled in the respective accounts. You accept fees from parents in a single transaction, and the funds can be settled to respective accounts using the Easy Split feature. It saves manual effort for you in splitting and reconciling the fees later.

Add Vendors

To initiate payments to multiple parties involved in a transaction, you need to first add their details. If you have many vendors to be added, use our Bulk Upload feature to add all the vendor details in one go.

To add a new vendor,

  1. Go to PG Dashboard > Easy Split Vendors > New Vendor.

  2. Enter Vendor ID, Phone number and Email. Vendor ID is required to process the payment for the respective vendor.

  3. Enter bank account details like Account Number, Account Holder Name, and IFSC of the vendor to process payments to the vendor account.

  4. Set the status as Active for new vendors, and select the Settlement Cycle.

  5. Click Create. The vendor details are saved and can be used for processing payments.

Add New Vendor Details

To edit the vendor details, delete, or block the vendor, click EDIT against the vendor in the Vendors screen, and click Update to save the changes.

Ensure you enter the correct bank account details of the vendors to process payments.

To bulk upload vendor details,

  1. Go to PG Dashboard > EasySplit Vendors > Bulk Upload.

  2. Download a sample format in which you need to provide the vendor details.

  3. Fill in the details and save the file.

  4. Click CHOOSE FILE to select the file with all the details and then click SUBMIT. After successful processing, all vendor details will be added, and you can start processing payments to these vendors.

Split Payments to Vendors

To split payments to multiple vendors you must integrate with our Payment Gateway services using the Seamless Pro or Checkout Form integration method to use this feature.

Payments through Cards, UPI, Netbanking, and all major Wallets (except PayTM and PayPal) are supported. Currently, we support payment split in absolute amounts of INR.

Ensure you add the vendor details before you process the payment split to vendors. You assign each vendor a Vendor ID which must be passed with the split amount as shown below. While submitting the order details, an extra parameter, paymentSplits must be passed. The parameter paymentSplits is a base64 encoded JSON array of Vendor Ids and their corresponding splits. To generate paymentSplits first generate the JSON array of Vendors as follows:

"vendorId" : "Vendor_1",
"amount" : 10000
"vendorId" : "Vendor_2",
"amount" : 15000

If any of the below conditions fail, the order will not be created:

  • The Easy Split feature is enabled for your Cashfree Account and you have added the required vendor's details.

  • The sum of all split amounts must be equal to or less than the order amount. Note: If the total split amount is less than the order amount the remaining amount will be processed as merchant settlement.

  • The number of vendor splits is less than 20.

Once the JSON array is generated, encode it using the base64 encoding. The resulting value is the paymentSplits to be attached during the order creation.

For example, the base64 encoded value of the above JSON array will look like this:

paymentSplits => "WwoJewoJCSJiZW5lSWQiIDogIkFYSVNfRlVORCIsCgkJInNwbGl0QW1vdW50IiA6IDEwMDAwCgl9LAoJewoJCSJiZW5lSWQiIDogIkhERkNfRlVORCIsCgkJInNwbGl0QW1vdW50IiA6IDE1MDAwCgl9Cl0K"

Integrating paymentSplits The paymentSplits value generated above must be sent during the PG order creation. For Checkout and Seamless Pro, include an additional field in the form you generate:

<input type="hidden" name="paymentSplits" value="<payment_split_value>"/>

Settlements to Vendors

The settlement cycles can be defined for each vendor when you add the vendors. The settlement details are shown in the Vendor Settlement screen.

To view the settlements, go to PG Dashboard > Settlements > Vendor Settlements.

  • You can download the vendor transaction details against each vendor settlement to view all the transaction details associated with the settlement including any adjustments/refunds.

You can also view the settlements and the payment split details for each transaction in the Transactions screen. Click Show Details against the transactions, and click SHOW PAYMENT SPLIT. The vendor details and the corresponding split amount with the settlement status are shown.

You can view the settlements transaction-wise in the Transactions screen. To view the settlement details against each transaction,

  1. Go to PG Dashboard > Transactions.

  2. Click Details > SHOW PAYMENT SPLIT. The vendor details and the corresponding split amount with the settlement status will be shown.

Currently, we do not support splitting of payments for refunds. If a refund is initiated, the amount is adjusted from the merchant’s balance only. Recharge your account if you do not have sufficient balance.

Vendor Settlement Report

You can download the vendor summary report day-wise, week-wise or for a custom date range for the vendors. Details like total transaction amount, settlement amount, adjustment amount, settled amount, and so on are available in the vendor summary report. You can download the report for a maximum period of 31 days.

To view the vendor summary report,

  1. Go to PG Dashboard > Reports > Other Reports.

  2. In the Report Type field select Vendor Settlement.

  3. Click Download.