With Cashfree you can easily integrate your website or application with Cashfree Payment Gateway to collect payments from your customers, and seamlessly disburse the payments to all associated vendors (payable entities) involved in a transaction in one go.

Splitting of payments made through Cards, UPI, Netbanking, and all major Wallets (except PayTM and PayPal) are supported. Currently, we support payment split in absolute amounts of INR.

To start integrating with Cashfree Payment Gateway, ensure you have signed up with us and submitted all the required documents. Keep your Test and Production API keys ready.

If your account is yet to be activated, you can use your test API keys to test your integratons using the test data.

API Keys

To generate or view your Test and Production API Keys,

  1. Go to > click Login > enter your Email ID and Password provided during the signup process.

  2. Select the product that you are integrating with > click Credentials in the Product Dashboard.

  3. For authentication purpose, you need to reenter your password. The Production and Test API keys are shown.

Supported Integration Methods

Web Integration

  • Checkout - Simplest and easiest integration method, with a prebuilt payment form hosted on Cashfree Payment Gateway.

  • Seamless Pro - Create a customised payment form, accept payment and send payment details to the merchant. Manage PCI compliance.